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Caroline Forbes: Poster Child for Turning Lemons into Lemonade

I'm a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries. I own all eight season and stream it on Netflix on a regular basis. The show is completely underestimated and categorized as the TV Twilight, but it is certainly not. It offers a more grim take on the life of vampires and actually features death . The show begins centered on vampires Stefan Salvatore and his suspicious brother, Damon, and the beautiful and compassionate human, Elena Gilbert. Over the course of the eight seasons, however, it morphs from a love triangle into a show about family, forgiveness and redemption.

Now, I said that the show features a grimmer side of the vampire life and that is true. Most vampires cannot control their lust for blood - including our dear Stefan - but there is one character whose vampireness truly makes her into her best self, and that character is none other than Caroline Forbes.

You hate Caroline in season one - so if you're new to the show, just keep going, she does get better - but as she comes to own her vampireness, she transforms into the person she was meant to be. In the beginning she's a shallow mean girl with control issues who is somehow in Elena's inner circle. When she is made into a vampire in season two, however, her control freak tendencies help her in keeping her hunger at bay and her shallow insecurities no longer matter as she learns how to live this new life. She gets dealt the worst situation and out of it becomes the best version of herself. Without being turned into a vampire, Caroline may have never known the "her" she was meant to be.

I think the same can be said for those in bad situations today in our everyday lives. Your current circumstance doesn't dictate your future. It doesn't dictate who you are. Though society may categorize you as something "bad", you have the control to turn the tables and be the best you you can be. You may be in your current situation just so you can come out the other side so much better for it. Caroline takes lemons and makes the best lemonade from them. Be like Caroline.


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