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Helen Parr FTW

Like so many others, I have been counting the days (years) for The Incredibles sequel to be in theaters. The husband and I finally got to watch it last night, and I gotta say, it was pretty incredible... :) I had to... Also, small spoilers may lie ahead so you've been warned.

Anyway, the sequel shifts its focus to the matriarch of the Incredible family, Helen Parr, or Elastagirl. She's stepping into the spotlight to help Supers be more accepted, leaving her husband, Bob, AKA Mr. Incredible himself, to stay home and take care of the children. Bob wants to support his wife, but it's excruciating for him not to be in the spotlight. While away, Helen is fueled by finally being seen as a true hero and being appreciated without the shadow of other Supers (Mr. Incredible) looming over her. Of course, obstacles appear, and hilarity and rescues ensue, but I really enjoyed how the film was more female centric.

To see Helen purely emblazoned after her first big save energized me. I love the pure joy the creators of the film included -- it was also well balanced with her worry for her home and family, which is absolutely justifiable and real. While the movie may be about a truly heroic and incredible family, at its core, they face the same struggles so many other families face as well. The film doesn't shy away from the realities of everyday life, and it's hilarious watching Bob trying to help Dash, his son, with "New Life Math". These are real moments families live out every day.

While Helen was the super hero out in the world, Bob stepped up into her shoes at home, which is just as heroic. In the end, the film came to show that every person plays a role and every role is equally important within a family, whether you're the one "bringing home the bacon" or the one "holding down the fort", or even the one saving the world. I love that Incredibles 2 shows this and challenges the stereotypical roles of mom and dad.


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