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Stories: The Intro

Jennifer stared at the blank page. Terror and excitement blinking back at her. Gingerly she pressed her fingers against the keyboard and magic started happening. Soon words flowed, some she never knew before, and stories were being woven before her eyes.

"This is incredible. Maybe I can do this after all," she thought to herself as she continued to pound the keys. It was an experiment, one she was scared to try. Putting her own work out into the world, unseen, unedited, for judgement. It takes courage to be a writer, more than you'd think.

Just then, the trotting sound of what could only be a slightly overweight pug caught her attention.

"Hi Rolie." He stared back at her as she quickly patted his head. Before she could move her hand, his snort transformed into a classic pug sneeze, spraying all over her. "Thanks, " she sighed.

Accustomed to the occasional spraying, she got up from her desk and proceeded toward the kitchen, passing the gray-faced pug, Lola, snuggled on her blanket on the couch. "Hi Princess." Lola lifted her head slightly in acknowledgement, then snuggled back into position.

Jennifer washed her hands and headed back to the office. Cleaned up and ready to go, she faced the page once more, a little less frightened, still fairly nervous, but mostly excited to see what kind of magic she could make.


Stay tuned for original stories and pug anecdotes! I may not be able to faithfully post a story every few weeks as I do for my other topics, but I will definitely try. Hope you enjoyed the quick intro story, and hope you'll love what's to come!


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Jennifer Anne Martin
Jennifer Anne Martin
12 ago 2020

Thanks, Aunt Sue :)

Mi piace

Susan Frank
13 lug 2020

Keep them coming, Jen. Glad to be receiving your stories!

Mi piace
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