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Feral, family feature

To further her work in rehabilitating feral dogs, a woman opens her own animal rescue where she is pushed to her limits, discovering just how far she is willing to go to give a voice to the voiceless.

Luna & Bigsby Discover the World!, animated kids' show (ages 4-7)

Follow the adventures of Luna and her pet pygmy goat, Bigsby, as they travel back in time with Grammie Mae to experience history first hand, and where Bigsby always seems to get into trouble. 

Roanoke, family feature

A woman must face her greatest fears as she, along with her niece and nephew, work to stop the curse of the original Roanoke settlement from repeating itself. 

School of Villainy, family feature

Set against a world where villains and heroes live normal, but separate, lives, a teen boy fed up with only being seen as the monster he’s meant to portray turns the tables, proving villains can be heroes after all.

Such A Time, family feature

A case of mistaken identity lands a lowly medieval kitchen maid on a journey of self discovery where she finds a person's start in life does not dictate their end.  Inspired by the book of Esther.

Tribulation, one-hour TV drama

An expert meteorologist must reconcile her faith and science as the Great Tribulation begins and the antichrist rises to power.

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